Get closer to creators with the Account Follow feature!

August 28, 2023

Get closer to creators with the Account Follow feature!

Today, KineMaster would like to introduce you to the new feature of KineMaster 7.2, AI Style. This feature goes beyond simple effect filters and allows you to apply artistic effects to your videos and images, transforming them into stunning works; as if they were created by professional designers.

Let's take a closer look at AI Style.

AI Style is a new video editing feature based on artificial intelligence. It learns various artistic styles and applies them to your videos and images, creating depth and richness beyond just adding filters. It helps make your videos look like they were worked on by professional graphic designers.

Now, let's find out how to apply AI Style.

The process is very simple. First, open a project that contains the video or image you want to edit or start a new project. Then, tap the video clip or image, and in the editing menu, tap the AI Style option.


You can download and choose the desired style from the Asset Store.


Then, go back to the editing screen and select the downloaded AI Style effect to apply it.


It is important to note that you should not close KineMaster or turn off your device while applying an AI Style. Also, keep in mind that applying an AI Style to videos may take some time.

What effects can you expect when using AI Style?

Applying AI Style provides artistic effects beyond simple effect filters. It can transform dull videos or images into finely drawn sketches or oil paintings with rich textures and colors.

With the AI Style feature in KineMaster 7.2, you can transform from a video creator to an artist. Enjoy effects beyond simple filters and breathe new life into your videos. The best part is that all of this can be done with just a few clicks!

But here's even better news! To celebrate the release of AI Style, we are hosting an event where you can download all AI Styles for free for a month! KineMaster's AI Style expands the possibilities of video editing and helps you express your creations in a more unique and dazzling way.

Don't miss this opportunity! Try AI Style assets in KineMaster 7.2 and make your videos more unique and beautiful. Install KineMaster 7.2 now and join the event!

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