Pexels' stock media built in to the media browser

July 9, 2023

Pexels' stock media built in to the media browser

In KineMaster 7.1, you can search, download, and add images and videos from directly from the Media Browser! Make professional-quality videos with high-quality stock media in seconds. It's perfect for marketing and business creators, or for adding unique, compelling footage to your own personal projects.

Search tens of thousands of videos and photos

Pexels, the popular stock library offers tons of creative images and high-quality video clips. Just about any subject, theme, or visual you can imagine is available for download. Find exactly what you're looking for to tell your story in your KineMaster video project!

Download Copyright-free Media

Pexels stock library offers CC0 licensed images and video, which means that it's free to use any way that you want. CC0 licensed content can be used for commercial, monetized, and personal projects without worrying about copyright issues. This lets you focus on your creative vision.

Incredible Media in Your Projects

Pexels media is easy to add to your KineMaster Video Project! Just tap the Media button (Or Layers > Media) button on the editing screen to open the Media Browser. Then, select Pexels from the options available. You can browse recent content or use the search button to quickly find a theme or style of stock media that suits your project.

Create Mind-blowing Videos, Fast and Easy now!

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