What's New in 7.3?

December 5, 2023

What's New in 7.3?

Hello, Editors!

KineMaster has all-new ways to be creative in the 7.3 update.

Corner Pin: Add a new perspective to your KineMaster Projects! Skew and stretch video, images, text and stickers!

The Corner Pin tool lets you independently reposition and keyframe the four corners of your layer to create the illusion of 3D space.

Noise Remover: Save your audio from a noisy background!

The noise remover tool helps you to zap unwanted noise from your audio tracks for clean, clear sound.

Background Blur: Fill the video frame when working with different aspect ratios!

This feature creates a full-screen blur with the top media layer when it is smaller than the full screen area. Particularly useful when repurposing vertical content in a horizontal KineMaster project.

Update your template descriptions: Keep your descriptions up-to-date!

Forgot to add a hashtag? Think that some additional information might help? You can now update your Mix video template descriptions.

Motion Effects: Dynamic motion comes to KineMaster!

Motion effects allow you to add exciting and creative graphic effects to your video clips. Download Motion effects from the [Effect > Motion] category in the Asset Store, then apply them as effect layers to your KineMaster project.

Color Filters: Add atmosphere and beauty to your videos!

The Color Filter category in the KineMaster Asset Store offers new ways to change how your videos and images look. Add mood, attitude, or soften and beautify your video footage to create amazing aesthetics.

KineMaster 7.3 lets you do even more with your videos! Whatever video you plan to make next, you can do it with KineMaster!

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